Re: Lose Focus When Hidden? (SVG ISSUE-2031)

On Mon, 25 Aug 2008, Doug Schepers wrote:
> We have an issue with SVG that we think applies to HTML UAs as well, and 
> we'd like to align.
> When an element (such as a form field) has focus, and is removed from 
> the DOM or hidden with e.g. display:none, what should happen with the 
> focus?
> * Should the element lose focus?
> * If it does lose focus, should it throw a blur/focusout event?
> * If it does lose focus, where should the document focus go?
> * If it doesn't lose focus, should it still receive e.g. keyboard events
>   when it is in that removed/hidden state?
> * If the element is replaced in the DOM, should it regain focus?
> * If the element is unhidden, should it regain focus?
> * If it does regain/keep focus, should it subsequently begin/keep
>   receiving events?
> We have a simple test case that seems to indicate that HTML UAs vary on 
> this: 
> Some seem to lose focus, or partially lose focus (retain focus, but 
> can't receive keyboard events), or lose focus completely.
> We think that the element should lose focus, through a blur/focusout 
> event, that the focus should go to the document root, and that the 
> element should not regain focus upon becoming available again.

Did the SVG working group come to a conclusion on this issue?

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