Re: SVG Fonts integrated into other technologies

I have participated as a student in Summer of Code 2008 implementing an
initial support for SVG Fonts in Inkscape.
Now I am planning to eventually participate again in SoC2009, maybe working
on SVG Fonts for Firefox.

If that happens, who should I talk to in order to have some (not necessarily
official) mentoring? I guess people here in this list are a lot interested
in the subject and would know how to answer tricky questions about the
specs. I also need this help in order to improve standard compliance in the
Inkscape implementation.

Surely it does not really depend on SoC. I could try to collaborate with
Firefox voluntarily also (as I often do in Inkscape). So, If anyone here has
the time to checkout Inkscape from svn, I would be happy to hear some
critiques on my current code.

Felipe C. da S. Sanches
(a.k.a. JucaBlues)

Received on Thursday, 8 January 2009 14:04:21 UTC