SVG Fonts integrated into other technologies

Hello SVG-WG,

A while ago, I've stumbled across a couple of comments by Hixie [1]
and Doug [2] related to a potential inclusion of SVG Fonts into
content other than SVG (HTML, for example).

As a coincidence, a related thread by Andreas [3] asked about the
status of Web fonts [4] support so I'm wondering about the
possibilities and feasibility of such an approach. Naively, I can
think of some:

(+) It would allow authors to use SVG Fonts when Web fonts were not
available (for example, SVG is reasonably supported in mobile
terminals, whereas I don't know the status of Web font support in
those simpler implementations).
(+) This would help increasing SVG usage and deployed content.
(-) Firefox doesn't support SVG fonts (yet [5]).

Is there interest in coordinating this with the SVG effects for CSS
effort [6] and/or the SVG in HTML proposal? It's somehow similar in
the way that it's SVG being integrated into other technologies...

Maybe I'm missing something (this may already be considered in a newer
version of specifications I'm not familiar with, such as HTML5 [8])
but I surely wouldn't like that such a neat idea [1] [2] got lost
within a bug report [5]... ;-)


  Helder Magalh„es


Received on Thursday, 8 January 2009 11:04:31 UTC