WVGT-1.2 Test-Suite Status and Draft Test Slides


I would be grateful if someone could help me understand the following:

1. What is the status of SVGT-1.2 Test Suite presently? 
  - What is the roadmap going forward?
  - What spec coverage is to be expected finally? Our estimates put it
to be around 50% presently.

2. How should draft slides be interpreted? I understand that they are
not "finalized" yet, but what is the probability of a draft slide ending
up in the final suite.
  - Is there a possibility of "Draft" slides in final test suites? What
I mean here is that while "Pass" on these would be good to have, it
would be optional for implementations to reach "Conformant" status.

3. Is there any flexibility in conformance requirements of SVGT-1.2? I
am asking this primarily because of huge variations in HTML engine
implementations (I might be wrong here with new HTML versions as I just
state the common perception). 
  - Can an implementation claim that having a SVGT-1.2 Test Suite pass
status in "95%" slides "good enough"? What is the official view of W3C
on this? 
  I ask this primarily because I suppose W3C is interested in showcasing
a "100%" conformant implementation. As per our information though,
presently there is no 100% "Conformant" SVGT implementation yet.

I am sorry for using lots of quoted words. It is primarily because of my
low understanding of "conformance". I would be grateful if I am led to
the links where I can help myself. I have access to the current
W3C-SVGT-1.2 Test Suite from W3C-CVS but I update it once in 1-2 months.

Nitesh Bhandari
Senior Design Engineer
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Received on Monday, 16 February 2009 04:38:32 UTC