Re: SVGAnimationElement.getStartTime

2009/2/5 Cameron McCormack <>
> > My understanding of SMIL is that it should return 7s as section 3.6.3 says,
> > "For a begin or end time to be resolved, any referenced syncbase value must
> > also be resolved."[1] As a.begin, is resolved, so should be b.begin.
> As Olaf says, your understanding is correct.  I've added a subtest to
> handle a syncbase like this:

Hi Cameron,

Thank you very much for following this up. Just to confirm however, I
believe Olaf's original message said that the start time was not
resolved until the syncbase had begun, i.e. in the test,

  for document time=0s, a6.getStartTime() throws INVALID_STATE_ERR exception
  for document time=6s, a6.getStartTime() returns 7

(This is how syncbase timing is normally implemented, and parts of
SMIL Animation seem to suggest this approach)

However, I was querying whether the section in SMIL Animation 3.6.3
that I quoted implied that even at document time=0s, a6.getStartTime()
returns 7.

I just want to confirm that you have discussed this and Olaf agrees
with the behaviour of the test case which is that even at document
time=0.5s, a6.getStartTime() returns 7 (as far as I can see).

Thanks again,


Received on Monday, 9 February 2009 05:12:37 UTC