Naming Convention (was: [Parameters] specifications feedback)

Hi, Steve-

Whoops!  I drifted off in mid-sentence... completion below...

Doug Schepers wrote (on 12/9/09 11:44 PM):
> Steve Withall wrote (on 12/8/09 8:16 PM):
>> B2. Further to B1, the subject of parameters would be easier to write
>> about
>> if we had clear terms for the 'usage' documents and for the 'declaring'
>> documents. (I'm finding it hard to decide how to refer to them in this
>> email. For want of something better, I call them the 'usage document'
>> and 'declaring document' respectively.)
> I'm not sure what you mean... are you referring to the spec format
> ('usage document' == Primer, 'declaring document' == Language Spec), or

... to the host/referring document vs. the resource/referenced document? 
  I think I like "host/resource" or "host/component" document... I agree 
that some consistent terminology would help clarify the concept, and 
welcome suggestions.

-Doug Schepers
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