Re: [1.2T-LC] Comments and suggestions, mainly regarding the Linking section

Hi, Helder-

Thanks for your detailed comments.  I have split them up and entered
them into our Issue Tracker individually as the following issue numbers:

* ISSUE-2115
* ISSUE-2116
* ISSUE-2117
* ISSUE-2118
* ISSUE-2119
* ISSUE-2120
* ISSUE-2121
* ISSUE-2122
* ISSUE-2123

You can track the disposition of all your comments here:

The SVG WG will address all of these comments, and get back to you as
soon as possible with responses for each.


Helder Magalhães wrote (on 10/13/08 5:22 AM):
> Sorry for the delayed answer to the comments Last Call - maybe these
> can still be reviewed under the official LC limit (October 13th)
> [GENERAL]. ;-D I've quickly checked that these items were not yet
> included in the latest version [LATEST] in order to avoid noise as
> much as possible. ;-) I have the notion that these comments and
> corrections are, overall, tiny things, but I've tried to gather as
> many details as possible: I strongly believe that high quality
> standards differ from good standards in the amount of attention given
> to detail - I hope the SVG-WG will appreciate! :-)

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