Re: RE : [1.2T LC]: accessing rules for traitAccess (ISSUE-2094 ACTION-2316)

Hi, Julien-

Thanks again for your comment... reply inline.

Julien Reichel wrote (on 10/24/08 3:24 AM):
> Thank you for your answer.  I'm not sure I understand your answer corecly:
> You are saying that:
> 1) you think the restriction on the modification of the href while the
> element is in the tree is necessary and thus you will keep it ?
> This address my comment and I am satisfied with it. I believe this is an
> important restriction.
> 2) You do not want to add additional restriction on the modification of
> xml:id (or id) of ellement already in the tree, because this is alleady
> implemented in most UA and in many content "in the wild", and you don't
> think this is a necessary restriction ?
> This address my comment, and altrough I still think that if no
> restriction is imposed on xml:id then this will impose the same burden
> on implementation as if the href could be modified. I'm not happy with
> the answer but I understand and I am "satified" with it.
> Now, to re-send you erik's question:
> what append when the xml:id of an element targeted by an animation is
> modified ?
> - no effect the animation continue.
> - an exception is raised
> - The animation stops (or start) on the new target (and stop on teh old
> target).
> If there is no restriction on the modification of the xml:id of element
> in the tree and the target of an animation, then a note should be added
> to say that the result is not specified and will be UA dependent...

We have made the change you requested:

Since you have already indicated your satisfaction with the rest of the
issue, we have marked you as being satisfied with our resolution of
ISSUE-2094.  If this is not the case, please let us know.


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