How to provide titles and descriptions in a second language?

Hello together,

as I discoverd now, the elements title and desc do not have
the attribute systemLanguage in SVG 1.1 and SVGT1.2.

How to provide (or to switch to) a second language for 
title and description without repeating the parent element
of those elements. How to switch the document title and

Maybe it is useful to add this attribute to title and desc
in SVG 1.2, because often those elements contain the
major part of text in SVG documents and it might be
useful for accessibility reasons to provide those information
in more than one language.

For example now it seems to be possible to write:

<switch systemLanguage="de">
<desc>Irgendeine Beschreibung</desc>
<desc>some description</desc>

but is this really the intended usage for it?
And a similar sample for title will not really
work for example for the document title...

Received on Monday, 30 June 2008 17:59:09 UTC