Re: <use> remote CC licence


it's possible to use a script to display cc metadata:
if one considers a collage like Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  
LP Sleeve, or, where there are many  
icons from different resources
this can become overly complex.

perhaps the SVGWG can consider how <use> remote might be combined with  
script, or the UA or AT to display CC metadata if required?

the purpose of CC is to ensure that end users can immediately and  
easily understand their rights.
especially in the case where these automatically allow some reuse.

It is also true that I had raised an enhancement bug with nathan  
yergler around 2002 to implement mozcc for svg, but it appears there  
are significant obstacles.


Jonathan Chetwynd

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On 8 Jun 2008, at 12:51, Dr. Olaf Hoffmann wrote:

> At least, the SVG always contains the complete URI of the referenced
> fragments and the viewer has to get the complete document to extract
> the fragment. Therefore the author of the referencing document cannot
> really hide the fact, from where the fractions are extracted and  
> anyone
> can follow the references to see the complete original document
> including licence conditions, if there are some.
> I think, in some or many countries it is not even necessary for the
> author to add specific licence conditions, already the absence of
> any conditions is a general protection of the document if it is  
> complex
> enough. This is for example the case with the german 'Urheberrecht',
> therefore typically for german authors it is not necessary to add
> any information about copyrights or something like this, if they do
> not want that others republish their work.
> For example, a reuse with the use element from one of my SVG
> documents and republication would be illegal by default if I note
> nothing different in the document.
> I think, it will be difficult for viewers to analyse information in  
> the
> metadata automatically, even if this is RDF, to determine, whether
> the extraction of fragments is legal or not.
> The technical requirement for SVG would be for example to
> specify that viewers must be able to interprete RDF and maybe some
> other formats and must be able to interprete licence documents
> somehow - are there formats or extensions to determine licence
> conditions automatically or even to note them in an international,
> language and country independent format? As you can see above,
> even the absence of metadata already means some very restrictive
> conditions as the simplest case, but what about more complex cases?

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