Re: dilemma of cache: two types of image

Hi, Jonathan-

Jonathan Chetwynd wrote (on 7/29/08 3:59 AM):
> I am seeking suggestions from the SVGWG as to possible ways to 
> graphically differentiate between feed icons and static icons.
> it doesn't have to be mandated, required or enforced.
> underline and colour were used with some success for html.

As you know, this list is not intended for development advice, though... 
please use the SVG-Developers list for that.

But as a developer, I would suggest that you create a custom cursor or 
flyover icon, something that suggests a temporal component, but can be 
paired with a corresponding static symbol.  It would likely have to be 
something that is not already overused, and it would be best if it were 
fairly universal (though that's tough, so you might need to meet the 
expectations of your target audience).  The symbol itself should not 
rely on animation, though it could incorporate it.

An hourglass is out, as that is used for "wait".  Similar for a clock. 
Neither of them have a static equivalent, either.

Maybe the static image could be a little person icon standing straight 
up, while the feed icon could be a man in a running stance (maybe with 

Alternately, you could simply repurpose the existing feed icon [1] for 
those images that are "live", and have no icon for the static ones. 
This would have the advantage of using a well-known symbol.  If you go 
this route, I'd mark it persistently, not just for mouseovers.

It would be interesting to work up some RDF to give information on how 
frequently it is updated, under what conditions, etc., and supply that 
info on mouseover.


-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, WebApps, SVG, and CDF

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