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RE: Devices XML

From: Plana, Richard <Richard.Plana@mtsallstream.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 11:54:41 -0400
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> (Richard)
> > An XML standard for describing interconnected devices
> I don't know any, but there are more general XML mailing 
> lists [1] for asking where someone might provide with a 
> better answer... ;-)

Thanks. I wasn't sure if this list was general enough.

> > Has a transform to SVG for rendering and printing
> Rendering the XML can be accomplished by an XML style sheet 
> and/or transform [2]. I'm not sure if there are any already 
> available, though...
> SVG Printing [3] is a dedicated specification underway. I'm 
> now familiar with existing implementations nor with details, 
> but SVG itself already has high quality (printing) output as 
> a specific objective [4]. Again, I don't know if/how 
> implementations are dealing with this (i.e., if any 
> implementation takes the advantage of printing using a much 
> high resolution than the on-screen graphics).

I guess I should have been more explicit when I first posted. I'm looking to describe networked devices (specifically IP-networked). It should contain information like type of device (router, server) and some basic networking information (IP address, etc.) Then I was hoping to use some kind of transform that displays the network devices description XML into SVG.

I was trying to figure out which mailing list to go to and an SVG one seemed close since, I thought, most people don't just discuss SVG but SVG applications.

> (David)
> > and I'm told that Visio does it from a WYSIWYG perspective.
> Yes, Microsoft Office Visio seems to support this through templates:
> "Network"/"Basic Network Diagram" or "Detailed Network Diagram".
> Dia [5] (open source project) seems to support this as well: 
> in the tool bar, one may press the menu (down arrow) and 
> select "Other sheets"/"Network". Both tools support saving 
> and/or exporting in SVG format. :-)

My issue with using a graphics description file is that it doesn't help for the network-specific description aspect. For now, I just want to display a diagram of the devices, but I'd like the networking information to be reusable (ie. monitoring and configuration later on).

Theoretically I could use a program like Inkscape or Dia to create a diagram and then infer from that which ones are the devices, but that just doesn't feel right.

Thanks for the answers!

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