Re: SVG animate values format

I think this change specific for SVGT1.2 causes primarily complications both
for authors and implementors, because:
1) introduces incompatibility with SMIL
2) introduces incompatibility with SVG 1.1
3) causes problems with older SVG1.1 viewers like the adobe plugin - 
    I tested the last empty value for image and the adobe plugin displays
    correctly no image as expected

I think, it is much better simply to fix the error in the tools currently 
creating such undesired trailing semicolons as to take into account
those problems without any benefit for authors or implementors.
There is no function for these trailing semicolon in SVGT1.2, therefore
no need for it and no advantage to use it, if it does not indicate an
additional value. This new rule simply adds meaningless noise to
the value of the values attribute.

However, authors will have to care about this backwards incompatibility 
and cannot rely on what is written in the SVGT1.2 draft, because for
compatibility reasons they should never publish a document containing 
this new rule.
For implementors of all of SVGT1.2, SVG1.1 and SMIL this introduces
even more problems, because different behaviour has to be implemented
for SMIL animation depending on the namespace/version it occurs.
Such exception might be ok, if there are unfixed inconsistencies in SMIL,
but here it simply  corrupts  the well considered concept of  timing and
values animation in SMIL.

Received on Thursday, 17 July 2008 08:06:55 UTC