Re: Applying SVG properties to non-SVG content

Thanks for the feedback!

On Sat, Jul 12, 2008 at 2:09 AM, Erik Dahlström <> wrote:

> On extending the filter, mask and clip-path properties:
> - The interaction (and rendering order) between css 'clip'[1] and svg
> clip-path and mask needs to be defined

Indeed, good catch --- although it doesn't really matter which order you
apply 'clip', 'clip-path' and 'mask', it does matter whether you apply
'clip' before or after 'filter'. I've updated the proposal to indicate that
all SVG effects are applied after CSS properties such as 'clip'.

> > I'd greatly appreciate any comments. One thing I'm not sure about is
> where
> > this specification should live.
> I'd be happy to include the 'filter' property stuff into the SVG 1.2 filter
> module[2], but I'm not sure if that'd be more of a recommendation for how
> the host language (html/css) should define it.

Sure. I guess we'll still want this document as well, but that's fine.

> > One thing that's obviously missing here is transformations. I don't think
> > there's any value in linking to SVG for those.
> Unless you want to animate the transform I suppose.

True, but I'm going to leave that alone for now anyway. For one thing I'm
not sure how it would work, since transforms aren't elements in SVG so we
can't reference them the same way as the other effects.

> > Instead I support CSS-based
> > transformations like Apple's proposal (at least its 2D subset). (In fact
> > someone is actually working on implementing that for Gecko.)
> Applying transforms from css on svg content would be interesting, I agree.

That would be interesting, but I'm mainly interested in them for non-SVG
content right now.

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