RE: Question about animate-elem-201-t

Hi Olaf, 

> Why not to add intstance times, when they are known:
> There might be a different event that prevent the syncbase 
> value to exist as an instance time.
> And it is simpler for implementors to create the instance time lists.
> In the section referenced it is therefore noted:
> 'syncbase-values and media-marker-values are treated 
> similarly. These conditions do not yield an instance time 
> unless and until the associated syncbase element creates an 
> interval. Each time the syncbase element creates a new 
> interval, the condition yields a single instance time. The 
> time plus or minus any offset is added to the list. '

Ok, I got your point ( I still need more to be convinced :-) )

So let me consider the attached example (also copied at the end of the
mail in case the mailing list doesn't let it trough)

According to your explanation, all 4 square should stay green all the
time. Is it correct ?

However, if we considerer that the timeline is build on opening the
document, the 2 square on the left should change to blue after 2
seconds. The two square on the right should never change to red, as the
beginEvent is incontestably trigged only when it happens. Is my testset
correct ?

Now, if that is correct it means that using negative offset in bend or
end attribute will not let you start an action before the trigger
actually happens. So for instance if I want to trig a fly out on a video
object writing something like:

<video xml:id='videoid' ...><animate attributeName='x' from='0' to='200'
dur='1s' begin='videoid.end-1s'</video>

It will not cause the video to fly to the right at the last second. 

Is it correct ?

If yes, then this is very inconvenient.

In this case I do not really understand the difference between
'id.begin' and 'id.beginEvent'. But I believe this is the subject of
another email on another mailing list :-)

All the best 


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Generator: SpinetiX Hyper Media Director -->
<svg xmlns=""
xmlns:xlink="" dur="6" height="100%"
viewBox="0 0 800 600" width="100%" xml:id="svg">
  <set attributeName="display" begin="0;4" to="inherit"
 <rect fill="green" height="200" width="200" x="100" y="50">
  <set attributeName="fill" begin="syncbase.begin-2s" dur="2s"
 <rect fill="green" height="200" width="200" x="100" y="300">
  <animate attributeName="fill" begin="0;2s" end="syncbase.begin"
 <rect fill="green" height="200" width="200" x="500" y="50">
  <set attributeName="fill" begin="syncbase.beginEvent-2s" dur="2s"
 <rect fill="green" height="200" width="200" x="500" y="300">
  <animate attributeName="fill" begin="0;2s" end="syncbase.beginEvent"
from="red" to="red"/>
 <rect height="50" x="0" y="550">
  <animate attributeName="width" dur="6" from="0" to="800"/>

Received on Thursday, 10 July 2008 13:31:53 UTC