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> > > I think it's great that you've come up with a solution that works 
> > > for your work and I think proposing modifications to the spec is 
> > > only a good thing. It gives us all a chance to debate something.
> >
> > Actually learning that other UA are facing the same problem of SVG 
> > duration comfort me in my opinion that something should be done for 
> > this subject. If some UA are computing an automatic duration for SVG

> > files and other are considering the file to be of infinite duration 
> > this will make it very difficult for user to create content that can

> > be displayed in the different UA.
> We have found it depends on the use case. For you and some of 
> our customers, one may want to know the dur of the SVG file. 
> However, for a generic SVG player, or one heavily using user 
> interaction and scripting in content, knowing the 'dur' of 
> the top-level SVG is not only impossible but it also has no 
> meaning. At any time user interaction, timer events, AJAX, 
> etc could come in and change the content, start an animation, 
> etc.  To us, this was more of an implementation detail than 
> an issue with the SVG language.

Actually that the nice point of having an explicit dur attribute on the
svg element. In most case it is absent and thus the duration of the SVG
file in indefinite. This is what you would use for scripted files for

In some case, when the creator of the file wants to explicitly specify a
duration of a file it is possible (which is not the case with the
current specs). It just need to add the dur attribute to the svg

That why I like using an explicit specification of the duration instead
of relying on complex model to compute it automatically :-)

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