Whether to display inner or outermost <title>?

Whether to display inner or outermost <title>?

I believe it might be helpful for the SVGWG to consider and possibly  
agree and define the behaviour for this issue:

There appear to be two simple possibilities either:

the innermost element being hovered should have its title content  
displayed as a tooltip
the outermost element being hovered should have its  title content  
displayed as a tooltip

the example given is an illustration of the word 'fruit' as used here:

Our users have enormous difficulty with generalisations and would  
benefit from adoption of the latter course.

there is no simple means once the innermost elements are titled, of  
titling the group - fruit.
whereas in the outermost case, one has no necessity to label the  
group, and any parts one wishes to retain their title may be left out  
of the group.

it seems clear to me that <use> is the defining case, as in other  
cases the author is in general able to adapt the content to suit their  


Jonathan Chetwynd


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Provides a human-readable title for the element that contains it. The  
title element may be rendered by a graphical user agent as a tooltip.  
It may be rendered as speech by a speech synthesizer.


5.5 The 'desc' and 'title' elements

Each container element or graphics element in an SVG document may  
supply a 'desc' and may also supply a 'title' description. The 'desc'  
element contains a detailed description for the container or graphics  
element containing it. This description should be usable as  
replacement content for cases when the user cannot see the rendering  
of the SVG element for some reason. The 'title' element contains a  
short title for the container or graphics element containing it. This  
short title provides information supplementary to the rendering of the  
element, but is not sufficient to replace it. These are typically  
text, but can be content in other markup languages (see foreign  
namespaces). When the current SVG document fragment is rendered as SVG  
on visual media, 'desc' and 'title' elements are not rendered as part  
of the graphics. SVG User Agents may, however, for example, display  
the 'title' element as a tooltip, as the pointing device moves over  
particular elements. Alternate presentations are possible, both visual  
and aural, which display the 'desc' and 'title' elements but do not  
display 'path' elements or other graphics elements. For deep  
hierarchies, and for following use element references, it is sometimes  
desirable to allow the user to control how deep they drill down into  
descriptive text.

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