Re: Duration of an SVG file

Julien Reichel:
> Hi Olaf and all,
> I was afraid that this would be the answer to my question :-)
> Is there a specific reason why the animated SVGs are considered
> differently from the other media files (video and audio) ?
> The fact that it is not possible to create an animated SVG file with a
> specific duration makes it difficult to use SVG for small animated movie
> that would be included in other documents using the <animation> tag.

But you can set the dur attribute on the animation element.
Why it is required to have this for the svg element?
SMIL has time containers and this would be nice too for example
for SVG 1.2 to be more flexible, but this is maybe to much for 
a tiny profile.

> We (SpinetiX) are using a lot the <animation> tag for creating content
> (playlists, multi-layers documents, ...). Final scene can be created by
> combining all sorts of medias (video, images, audio files and animated
> SVG files). In this condition it is necessary to be able to specify a
> duration for SVG animation when included into other documents.
> For this reason we have added a non-standard way to specify the duration
> of an SVG file by supporting the attribute dur to the <svg> element.

If you really need a proprietary attribute I would like to suggest to
use a separate namespace for it as long as this is not part of
an SVG specification, for example:
<svg xmlns:spinetix="" spinetix:svgdur="20s" ...>

This avoids confusion for authors as well as for other user-agents.
But maybe you can convince the SVG working group to adopt dur for 
svg too, but for many documents containing animation I wrote, the
duration would be still indefinite or in some cases the time until it 
repeats is larger than the life time of any computer.


Received on Tuesday, 8 July 2008 11:36:47 UTC