SVG 1.0 Recommendation Errata Clarification 5.6 The 'use' element

Please could the working group review behaviour in the 3 test cases  

and advise?


erik commented: SVGElementInstances share the eventlistener list with  
the use element

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5.6 The 'use' element

Under the paragraph:
"If event attributes are assigned to referenced elements, then the  
actual target for the event will be the SVGElementInstance object  
within the "instance tree" corresponding to the given referenced  

Add the following clarification:
"The event handling for the non-exposed tree works as if the  
referenced element had been textually included as a deeply cloned  
child of the 'use' element, except that events are dispatched to the  
SVGElementInstance objects and event target and currentTarget  
attributes are set to the SVGElementInstance corresponding to the  
target and current target elements in the referenced subtree. An event  
propagates through the exposed and non-exposed portions of the tree in  
the same manner as it would in the regular document tree: first going  
from the root element to the use element and then through non-exposed  
tree elements in the capture phase following by the target phase at  
the target of the event and then bubbling back through non-exposed  
tree to the use element and then back through regular tree to the root  
element in bubbling phase."
"An element and all its corresponding SVGElementInstance objects share  
event listener list. A currentTarget attribute of the event can be  
used to determine through which object an event listener was invoked."

Received on Wednesday, 2 July 2008 09:32:11 UTC