Comments on SVG Tiny 1.2


Dear SVG Working Group,

these are comments on SVG Tiny 1.2. They propose *non-normative changes*
to SVG Tiny 1.2 and are is sent on behalf of the i18n ITS Working Group.

1) We would like to ask you to add ITS 1.0 local markup to the content
model of the metadata, text, desc, title and tspan elements. Local ITS
markup is defined within the ITS 1.0 specification at
the "Best Practices for XML Internationalization" document contains many
examples of the usage of this markup.

2) We would like you to provide the following ITS global rules file for
SVG Tiny 1.2:
<its:rules xmlns:its="" version="1.0"
 <its:translateRule selector="//svg:svg" translate="no"/>
 <its:translateRule selector="//svg:metadata | //svg:text | //svg:desc |
//svg:title | //svg:tspan" translate="yes"/>

Global ITS markup (the its:rules element) is defined within the ITS 1.0
specification at
The its:translateRule element is defined at
The its:translateRule elements above mean that the default for all
elements from the SVG namespace is that they are not translatable (first
its:translateRule), with the exception of 5 elements (second

3) We propose to add a non-normative section to SVG Tiny 1.2 explaining
1). 2), e.g. as part of the appendix
 We will create an initial version of this section if you agree with the
comments in general.

The rationale for these comments is that we think the standardized
markup for internationalization and localization purposes provided by
ITS 1.0 is useful for the internationalization and localization of SVG
Tiny 1.2, and users and developers of SVG Tiny applications should be
made aware of these possibilities within the specification itself.
Note that the ITS 1.0 markup would not influence SVG specific processing,
following your definitions at



Received on Tuesday, 26 February 2008 23:20:30 UTC