SVGt 1.2 tests: struct-discard-206-t has discard in an unexpected place

Hi All,
In the test struct-discard-206-t there is the following passage:
		<discard xml:id="discard1" xlink:href="#r1" begin="2s"/>
		<discard xml:id="discard2" xlink:href="#r2" begin="2s"/>
		<discard xml:id="discard3" xlink:href="#r3" begin="2s"/>
		<discard xml:id="discard4" xlink:href="#r4" begin="2s">
			<discard xml:id="discard4.1" begin="1s"/>
		<discard xml:id="discard5" xlink:href="#r5"/>
		<discard xml:id="discard6" xlink:href="#discard1"
		<discard xml:id="discard7" xlink:href="#discard2"
		<discard xml:id="discard8" xlink:href="#discard3"/>

"discard4" is supposed to be discarded based on the reference image. 
In the code the discard4 element has a discard animation as a child.
This would work nicely otherwise, but according to the RNG spec, the
element cannot contain discard elements.

The spec also states the following about unexpected elements in section

"... or a known element that occurs in unexpected location, is not
The nodes in the subtree are not processed beyond including the relevant

DOM objects in the document tree. ..."

Our interpretation of this is that the element discard4.1 is never
as it is in unexpected location. Is this correct?

  - Kalle Raita

Kalle Raita 
NVIDIA Corporation 
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Received on Thursday, 21 February 2008 15:20:04 UTC