Re: Event handlers in SVGt 1.2 beta conformance tests

Hi Kalle.

Sorry about the delay in responding.

Kalle Raita:
> All conformance tests use plain JavaScript functions as event
> listeners, but the specification requires the listener to be an object
> with a function called handleEvent (see spec sections A.2.7, A.5.2, and
> A.5.1). 
> One possible way of constructing the handler would be:
> function foohandler (event) {
> doSomething();
> }
> foohandler.handleEvent = foohandler;
> bar.addEventListener(foohandler);
> Examples of using directly functions can be found, for example, in
> svggen/interact-dom-02-t.svg and svggen/udom-event-201-t.svg. 
> Have we misunderstood the specification or are the conformance tests in
> error?

We have updated the ECMAScript Binding appendix in the internal copy of
the document to allow EventListener arguments to be specified either as
an object with a handlerEvent proprety, or a function.

> Should I report this kind of findings in the Bugzilla instead of the
> mailing list?

The mailing list is fine!


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