Re: Title as attribute or element?


On Dec 5, 2008, at 03:18 , Dana Lee Ling wrote:
> I use the xlink:title attribute on shape elements in order to  
> generate tooltips (FireFox only) that identify plants on a map of a  
> garden:
> e.g. <circle xlink:title="Calophyllum inophyllum" cx="0" cy="0"  
> r="4" fill="white" stroke="black" stroke-width="1px" />
> In other instances this might be an accessibility usage. This is not  
> permitted by the SVG specification and thus fails validation. Where  
> I there is an anchor element for the plant, I can use xlink:title on  
> the anchor, and this is legal. But for many plants there is no link  
> to an image, hence the xlink:title is often used as an attribute on  
> the circle element. I feel xlink:title should be allowed on any  
> displayed element for the purpose of tooltips and accessibility.  
> Pardon me for being slightly off-topic, a search of the list did not  
> turn up my particular concern.

Why use xlink:title for this, which is bad practice because it puts  
human readable text in an attribute and is likely to be deprecated,  
when you could use the <desc> element instead (and still be able to  
generate tooltips)?

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