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SVGT 1.2 Tests: Fonts-desc-02-t and synthetisizing small-caps fonts

From: Kalle Raita <kraita@nvidia.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 11:02:24 +0200
Message-ID: <85DD8D3F1695004A8A9A5AC16CE584BE06962DC5@deemmail01.nvidia.com>
To: <www-svg@w3.org>

Hi All,
The last row of the test fonts-desc-02-t.svg is a bit ambiguous.
I've copied the relevant parts of the test at the bottom of this mail.

The specific problem is the second <text> element, which expects 'a'
or small-caps 'A'. If the UA supports synthesis, then according to the
"small-caps font may be synthesized by electronically scaling 
uppercase letters from a normal font."
The question is, what if there is no 'A' in the set? It cannot be used
for synthesis. This will then lead the font selection to discard font
and trigger UA specific fallbacks I just recently sent I mail about
Now, if the UA specific fallback happens to do nothing, we 
end up with missing glyph. This is because the font matching
algorithm in CSS2 does not include going back in the list.

Any ideas on the correct interpretation?
In the test fonts-desc-02-t.svg the last row is:
      <!-- This should produce a square, 'a', 'a', diamond. Or a
small-caps version of the 'A' instead of the first lower-case 'a' if
synethesis is supported --> 
      <text x="50" y="200" font-family="SVGFont4"
      <text x="100" y="200" font-family="SVGFont4"

And font 4 is:
      <font horiz-adv-x="500"> 
        <font-face font-family="SVGFont4" font-variant="normal"
units-per-em="1000" ascent="800" descent="200" alphabetic="200" /> 
        <missing-glyph horiz-adv-x="500" d="M0 0L500 0L500 1000L0
1000M50 50L50 950L450 950L450 50Z" /> 
        <glyph unicode=" " glyph-name="space" /> 
        <glyph unicode="a" glyph-name="square" d="M0 250L500 250L500
750L0 750Z" /> 

  - Kalle Raita

Kalle Raita 
NVIDIA Corporation 
Tel. +358 40 723 1441 
http://eu.nvidia.com <http://eu.nvidia.com/>  

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