SVG Open 2007 - Call for Papers - 1 June deadline for abstracts


there have been delays in preparing the official submission system, so the deadline has been extended as previously advised. As soon as possible we will have the system in place, but in the meantime abstracts can be sent directly to me for faster response, so here is the real call for papers. See for details.

Once again, my sincere apologies for the delays in establishing the system and in providing this notice.


Chaals (as chair of the review committee)

Presenting a Paper

Presenters are asked to submit an extended abstract, in English, (approx. 400 to 800 words) by June 1, 2007 in XHTML 1.1 format. The abstracts are reviewed by a reviewing commitee and presenters will be informed about acceptance on or before June 21, 2007.

If your abstract is accepted, then you will be asked to submit your full paper by August 1, 2007, according to instructions that will be sent to you. Accepted abstracts, papers and presentations will be published on the conference CD and Web proceedings.

Presentations can take one of two formats:

Regular Presentation: 
Spaced 30 minutes apart on the schedule, with approximately 20 minutes spent on the presentation, 5 minutes for questions, and 5 minutes for people to change rooms. Most presentations will be in this format.

Panel Discussion: 
Given 60-minute time slots, with approximately 15 minutes spent on introducing the panelists and agenda, 40 minutes of questions and discussion, and 5 minutes for people to change rooms. Panelists should be experts in a common area of specialization of interest to conference attendees. If you would like to organize and lead a panel discussion, then please submit an abstract containing the agenda, and listing your panelists as co-authors.

Paper Topics

The following are some suggested topics for your papers. This is just to get you thinking - you are welcome to come up with your own topic area not on the list.
 - Mobile (handheld, in-car) solutions
 - SVG authoring tools
 - Publishing and printing with SVG
 - SVG Text and Internationalization
 - Accessibility of SVG language and tools
 - Location-based services
 - Business cases and case studies
 - Workflow for creating and using SVG
 - SVG and Digital Television
 - Graphic design with SVG
 - SVG for Webmapping and Online GIS/GML
 - SVG for Multimedia presentations
 - Server-side SVG generators and manipulators
 - SVG authoring techniques
 - Making graphics accessible
 - Interactivity and scripting
 - GUI frameworks for Web applications
 - File format conversion
 - Case studies

Submission Guidelines

Absstracts should be in plain text, XHTML or SVG (or a combination of these). As soon as possible we will advise about the submission system, but in teh meantime abstracts can be sent directly to me by email <> for faster review and response.

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