help needed in making a svg editor

i have to make a sort of road network editor and i am pretty lost
right now.. i have no idea on how to approach these kind of systems..
please forgive me for asking many long questions.. here i go..

1) when drawing shapes, i read somewhere that instead of drawing the
shapes when it is not yet finalized, it's better to use a dummy shape
that will represent the real shape to be drawn. i will only add the
shape if it is finalized and make the dummy shape hidden. is it
better/more efficient?

2) which is better in drawing lines/roads? path or polyline? i am not
yet sure if i will implement a curved line..

3) and what if i have to update the lines/roads? how do i update the

4) for arrows, i also read that i can use defs and markers. but when i
try to put the markers in the middle of angled polylines/paths, the
markers do not have the same angle with the polyline/path. do i have
to draw the arrows one by one instead of using markers?

5) if you were the user, how do you want to draw a structure in the
map? for example: draw a rectangle then tilt it to a desired angle
and then determine which road it will face.. is this a good approach?

i am going to use batik for this project
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