Re: SVGT 1.2 : Animating "editable" attribute on text

On Jun 21, 2007, at 14:33, Erik Dahlström wrote:
> The multiple conflicting places seems like something the WG should  
> discuss and fix.
> However, the spec says in Appendix D [3]:
> "In the case of a conflict between the prose of this specification  
> and the RelaxNG schema, the prose is authoritative (for example,  
> the prose description of some attributes has an EBNF grammar for  
> allowed values, which the RelaxNG is not able to express)."

The reason there's a difference between the two sources (the appendix  
is generated from the RNG) is because we went back and forth a few  
times on this attribute, and at some point they must've gotten out of  
sync. If memory serves, it being animatable was the final desired  
option (at least it's the one I agree with, so it must be right).

If you need help running the script that generates the appendix, holler.

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