Re: Req: Clarify text striping and consolidation of white space characters for nested xml:space.


This is a good example.  Under the suggested interpretation the two spaces
in your example below would be condensed into one space.  Batik, Opera, and
Adobe SVG do this.  Adobe SVG does not consider the space to be part of the
link whereas Batik and Opera keep the first space and strip the second so
the space belongs to the first link.  This example shows that the space that
is kept needs to be clarified, and the association of space to a link needs
to be clarified.

Suggested clarification: when condensing adjacent white space defined within
elements with xml:space="default" the first space is preserved and the remainder
are striped.  However if any of the white space characters were defined within
an element with xml:space="preserve" then only these will be will be preserved.

Douglas Crosher

Robert Longson wrote:
> Douglas,
> What would you expect from this then?
> <text xml:space="default"><a xlink:href="??">link1 </a><a 
> xlink:href="???"> link2</a></text>
> How many spaces are there between link1 and link2. If you contend there 
> is only one, which link does it belong to? I.e. where would you go if 
> you clicked on it?
> For what it's worth firefox 3 will currently do what Inkscape does. It 
> treats each nested element  separately and does not count the contents 
> of nested elements as part of the parent for determining whether to 
> compress whitespace.
> Regards
> Robert.

Received on Monday, 25 June 2007 14:53:21 UTC