Re: XHtml text with SVG shape

Hi, Tangui-

I'm afraid that that syntax --indeed, that functionality-- has 
dramatically changed.  You are referencing an obsolete draft of the SVG 
1.2 spec.  Although most of this functionality exists in Batik (and to 
some degree in the now-dead ASV6pr1 viewer), it no longer conforms to 
the SVG spec.

Due to a few public objections (with which I strongly disagree), SVG has 
opted for a less "controversial" (and less useful) subset of this 
functionality.  Going forward, you should consider using the 'textArea' 
element [1].  In SVG Tiny, this only allows for text in a rectangle, but 
hopefully, arbitrary shapes will also be included in SVG 1.2 Full.

<rant>'textArea' is poorly conceived and poorly named, because when 
mixed with HTML (which also has a 'textarea' element) in a CDF context, 
authors are going to be miserably confused and/or prone to typos.  Were 
it not too late, I would ask for this to (at the very least) be renamed 
to 'textShape', and to derive its shape and dimensions by reference to 
another element (in a manner similar to the 'use' element), rather than 
have its own intrinsic dimensions.</rant>


LE PENSE Tangui wrote:
 > Hi all,
 > I've been reading SVG1.2 spec and I'm still looking for a way to 
embed a semantic XHtml paragraph (<p/>) in a SVG shape, as shown at
 > How should I do ?
 > Thank you !
 > Tangui


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