Re: SVG Test Suite

Isn't it possible to add a simple link with an a-Element
to the SVG and the PNG (inside a simple SVG)
in the test suite using object as an additional access 
to the tests?
With a size of 100% SVGs will always fit to the new
window, if the user wants to use this access.
Of course, the PNGs don't scale very well, but this
is maybe already an improvement concerning 
accessibility of the test cases.

A complete test suite for SVG? 
Is it just to 'execute' a specific viewer or some
tests for any viewer?
I think, it will be not a big problem to create
just one test SVG for a specific viewer to show, that
the implementation is incomplete or contains
To determine something like the fraction of supported
SVG systematically, would require more than a
million test cases, for a statistic estimate maybe
a few hundred are sufficient.
An alternative approach would be something like
a Monte-Carlo test series with a few hundred 
random SVGs to get an estimate.

Received on Friday, 16 February 2007 11:11:39 UTC