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TR> On 2/14/07 8:35 PM, Chris Lilley wrote:
>> Test 3 is unfortunately not forbidden by the DTD, mainly because DTDs
>> suck. (HTML has the same problem - if you have an invalid document
>> where a foo is not allowed inside a bar, you can mostly make it DTD
>> valid by wrapping the foo in <a href="whatever"> </a> because the
>> content model for the a element is very loose).
>> We fixed that in SVG 1.2 by using RelaxNG. The content model of an a
>> element is now context dependent - its the content model of its parent
>> element.  Which prevents you putting circles inside text or, indeed,
>> tspans inside groups, just by hiding them inside a link.

TR> It seems like a bad idea to be restricting things more in 1.2 vs 1.1 -
TR> content should be forward compatible between specification versions, at
TR> least until a theoretical scorched-earth SVG 2.0 comes along.

In general, I agree.

In  this particular case, its a constraint that we were not able to
have in SVG 1.1, because DTDs can't express it. We were aware of the

Or were you looking forward to implementing

 <a x:href="foo">
  <tspan dx="20" dy="-50">Hello World</tspan>

which the 1.1 DTD is unable to make invalid?

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