Re: specificity, user style sheets and SVG


regarding user style sheets, we can shorten the
discussion. I agree now, it is always a problem to apply a user 
style sheet because the XML attributes are converted to CSS 
and it is noted in in CSS 2; 6.4.4, that the converted presentational 
hints are set at the beginning of the author style sheet.
And in  CSS 2; 6.4.1 Cascading order
"2. The primary sort of the declarations is by weight and origin: for normal 
declarations, author style sheets override user style sheets which override 
the default style sheet."

Therefore there is no chance to create a simple user style sheet, if
document contains XML presentational attributes.
Only if the author does not set a value, the user style sheet without
!important may have influence on the appearance of a document or
on animations.

The other parts are not important for this discussion, but I think we
still disagree in the interpretation of the SMIL sandwich model...
This is more useful to discuss only with documents containing 
both CSS properties and XML presentational attributes without the
complication of user style sheets.
This has almost nothing to do with user style sheets or they will have
no useful influence on this, therefore I think, there is no need for
test cases for this concerning user style sheet as desired from
Jonathan Chetwynd.

Received on Tuesday, 13 February 2007 16:36:34 UTC