Re: specificity, user style sheets and SVG

On Friday, February 9, 2007, 9:34:04 PM, Jonathan wrote:

JC> regarding IE5.2 bear in mind this is on OS X.

Ah, I had made an incorrect assumption.

However, Mac IE5 was excellent, much better than Win IE5, and had
support for user style sheets. It had no SVG support, though - I think
what you are seeing is that style sheet info is not being passed to

JC>  ASV is fine , but all
JC> style sheets appear greyed out, which is weird given one is in a  
JC> dialogue searching for a user style sheet. However it may be that  
JC> this was a result of limited MS support for IE on OS X.

I think you would be better looking for how to tell ASV where your
style sheet is, not the HTML browser thats hosting the plugin.

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