Re: specificity, user style sheets and SVG

On Thursday, February 8, 2007, 2:34:08 PM, Jonathan wrote:


JC> How can a user style sheet override authors use of style attribute  
JC> with ID?
JC> that is a single style sheet to override the general use of ID by  
JC> authors across the web.

You can't, in a general case, cover all possible IDs.

You can, on a case by case basis. And nothing requires the same user
style sheet to be used for all content. For example, user stylesheet
choices could be saved along with the url and other info (access date,
etc) in the bookmarks.

JC> Is there an intention within SVG1.1 that at least with text the user  
JC> might control the appearance for links, visited, hover, focused etc
JC> are there examples?

The same way they would for any other CSS - using :link, :visited and
so on.

JC> I found this unintelligible:
JC> 6.17 User agent style sheet

What specifically did you not understand?

Just checking, given your previous question - you realise that section
is about *user agent* style sheets, not *user* style sheets?

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