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thanks so much for pointing me to Example: media01.svg

NB: the usual "Show this example" appears to be missing, and neither  
is the text of the title linked to a sample.

WCAG suggests avoiding use of "click" as it seems to assume a mouse  
is present.
obviously people who are blind may not be using a mouse.

The SVG 1.2 description of keyboard events appears very terse, it's  
copied below.

Is there a further enlarged description? for instance describing  
tabbing through focusable elements?

kind regards

Jonathan Chetwynd

13.6 Key events

Note: The W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) advise  
content creators to create device-independent content; in particular,  
content should not require that the user has access to a (full-size)  

User interface events that occur because of user actions that  
generate key presses (as opposed to text - for example, function  
keys, key presses for a game, etc) are called key events.

Jonathan Chetwynd

On 7 Feb 2007, at 07:42, Cameron McCormack wrote:

Hi Jonathan.

Jonathan Chetwynd:
> SVG 1.2 Declarative audio on event
> Could someone provide an example of how audio can be played on event
> using declarative animation?
> if this isn't possible, why was this not included in the spec?
> I couldn't find any part of the specification dealing with this issue.

The example in section
demonstrates this (media01.svg).  The audio begins when the button is

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