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> Erik,
> but can you advise me whether or when Opera will support the audio with  
> CSS as used in

I think what you might be experiencing here is some difference in how  
foreignObject is supported in browsers.
In SVGT12 there is an xlink:href attribute on the foreignObject element,  
in SVG 1.1 it lacks this.

If you have an xlink:href attribute that will always be used instead of  
the child elements, according to SVGT12.

 From looking at the source of your site I see you make some assumptions  
that audio can be handled in foreignObject by passing it an xlink:href to  
some audio file. That's not supported in Opera 9.x, but you could use the  
audio element in SVGT12 if you use the special video builds of Opera[1].

Here are some suggestions:
- if you want it to work in Opera 9.2 and up: make a small html file with  
an object element linking to your audio file. Then reference this in  
foreignObject, like this <foreignObject  

- if you want it to work in Opera 9.5 and up: use the audio element  
(switch on  
requiredFeature="") or  
remove the xlink:href on the foreignObject so that the child elements are  
processed (I think this is what Firefox does, since I can't get any  
xlink:href content to show up there)

Your best bet for compatibility with current browsers is the first option  
I think, and you should make sure the child elements of the foreignObjects  
and the files you reference are the same.



Erik Dahlstrom, Core Technology Developer, Opera Software

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