Re: is this switch valid?


it is not a suggestion, I'm just guessing, why there has to be a switch
around the foreignObject in 1.1.
Of course, if you provide alternatives in a more clever way, you will
not need it, but if there is no attribute for conditional processing in
the foreignObject, the switch chooses it always, therefore it is not
really a problem, only to put a switch around the foreignObject, even
it is not useful in such a case. The switch here is more a help for the
author to keep in mind, that a not supported format in foreignObject 
typically will cause accessibility problems for the user of the file.
If this is avoided with other techniques, this is ok too, if not, maybe
this helps authors to care about the problem at all ;o)

Received on Monday, 10 December 2007 11:29:44 UTC