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> Hi,
> Sorry for the cross posting in as well.
> Could someone clarify or explain the following regarding Marker Element:
> - What is allowable content for Marker ?
> eg:
> <Marker ..>
>         <path/>, ??? what else ?
> </Marker>

The SVG 1.1 spec says:
<!ENTITY % SVG.marker.content
     "( %SVG.Description.class; | %SVG.Animation.class;  
        %SVG.Conditional.class; %SVG.Image.class; %SVG.Style.class;
        %SVG.Shape.class; %SVG.Text.class; %SVG.Marker.class;
        %SVG.ColorProfile.class; %SVG.Gradient.class; %SVG.Pattern.class;
        %SVG.Clip.class; %SVG.Mask.class; %SVG.Filter.class;  
        %SVG.Hyperlink.class; %SVG.View.class; %SVG.Script.class;
        %SVG.Font.class; %SVG.marker.extra.content; )*"

Anything you can put inside an 'svg' element can also be put inside a  
'marker' element.
The content models for the 'svg' element and the 'marker' element are  

> - Does any element eg: <g>,<use>, <ellipse>, <line>, etc is allowable as
> a child for Marker ? because SVG Specification 1.1 only give example as
> path element. The DTD also not very clear as well.

The elements you list are allowed. The DTD is hard to read if you're not  
familar with the syntax.
I believe this is why the SVG 1.2 Tiny spec has an appendix with this type  
of information in a more easy-to-read format (see

> - Is multiple graphics element allowed ?
> eg:
> <Marker ..>
>         <path/>
>         <path/>
> </Marker>
> or only single element ?

Any number of elements.

> - any constraint not allowed for the above eg: filter, gradient, etc
> inside graphics object that define the marker ?

You can use filters, gradients etc in a 'marker'.

> Note: this is for SVG 1.1 and if SVG 1.2 is behave differently, it would
> be nice to be indicated it is SVG 1.2 only

I think markers in 1.2 will behave the same. But a thing to note is that  
markers are not included in the SVG 1.2 Tiny spec.

Hope this answers all of your questions

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