RE: practical question on planning new application: use flash, applet or SVG?

Your questions were...

Q> Which technologies to use for application
A> I agree with you going for JavaScript+SVG - it is by far the simplest and 
fastest solution

Q> Is it possible to write drag-and-drop application with SVG + JavaScript?
A> Yes that is relatively easy to accomplish, see link list below for 

Q> Would the application be too slow?
A> No I do not see why that should be slow, as long as you avoid doing 
round-trips to server to render the SVG. That should be done using 
JavaScript at the client side, but you should of course do a round trip to 
server to preserve your changes.

Q> Is there limitation in SVG or firefox support of SVG that an make such 
application difficult to make?
A> I have not targeted FireFox as a platform, but are using the Adobe SVG 
Viewer Plug-in (; the only problem with this viewer is 
that it will be discontinued (see adobe for details). I do know however that 
Opera, FireFox and Adobe SVG Plug-in in IE are implementing SVG slightly 
differently and also relate differently to JavaScript (FireFox does not 
allow you access to browser script engine from Adobe SVG Viewer, but 
provides scripting support as embedded with SVG nativly - security reasons).

Some interesting links for you,
- (a lot of useful links)
- (SVG tips and 
tricks - including link to drag and drop samples at the same site)
- (examples using SVG and JavaScript 
to modify DOM - including JavaScript)

Mozilla also have SVG pages:

The above demos (ex. works with IE (with SVG Viewer 
installed), but not with FireFox - can not help you with what needs to be 
changed in order for the code samples to work with FireFox natively.

One point of concern is that SVG has not reached the maturity that was 
expected - say two years ago, and the fact that Adobe has decided to 
discontinue the viewer is also a bit alarming. But if you target FireFox 
that is not a problem, and I have also heard that MS will most likely 
support SVG nativly in future releases of IE - do not know when though.

I have also used SVG extensively on my site - including use 
of JavaScript, drag&drop etc.

Good luck.

Hans P. Dramstad

>From: 张韡武 <>
>Subject: practical question on planning new application: use flash, applet 
>	or SVG?
>Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 04:19:52 +0800
>Hello. Recently we are starting a new project developing a simple
>web-based workflow editor.
>In this web application users will use use drag-and-drop to create a
>workflow chart within the browser. Requested feature:
>      1. possible to print the chart using browser;
>      2. possible to store workflow chart made by user on the server.
>         e.g. the user edit a workflow, and save it. Later when he comes
>         back to the website he can go on work on the workflow chart he
>         yesterday saved;
>      3. possible to export the workflow chart in any vector image format
>         (can be done on server-side)
>      4. application should run reasonably fast on Firefox on recent
>         years hardware
>Ideas we have now includes:
>      1. use html with javascript (will have difficulty drawing pointers
>         and lines);
>      2. Active Script with Flash
>      3. javascript + SVG
>      4. Java applet
>      5. write an ActiveX control
>We need to decide which technology to use mostly by estimate effort we
>need to develop and maintain. Because at this moment we don't have
>developer familiar with active script, Java and ActiveX, the developers
>are all very familiar with javascript, thus SVG+Javascript looks like
>the best solution for us. But I wish to ask the mailing list first in
>order to have a rough idea of how difficult it is to develop such
>application with SVG + Javascript. e.g. is it possible to write
>drag-and-drop application with SVG + Javascript? Would the application
>be too slow? Is there limitation in SVG or firefox support of SVG that
>can make such application difficult to make?
>I also couldn't find a fast-and-complex example of SVG application
>similar to our project. If I can find such an example, it's easier to
>gain confidence over this technology and firefox's support of it. Do you
>happen to know such application?
>Thank you very much in advanced.

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