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On Thursday, March 30, 2006, 7:51:51 PM, T wrote:

TR> On 1/10/06 2:16 PM, Chris Lilley wrote:
>> We are not encouraging use of non-registered types. On the other hand,
>> we were trying to disambiguate cases where the media type by itself is
>> ambiguous (eg some of the application/* types).
TR> ...
>> We are happy to make it clearer that we recommend registering new media
>> types.

TR> That would help.  Perhaps the SVG WG should start the ball rolling on 
TR> registering the types indicated in that section?

It has, for SVG. The media type registration has been sent to ietf-types
twice, now.

Several other W3C media types have been registered in the last year,
using the new process.

For application/ecmascript, that value is in fact registered, although
still pointing to an internet draft, which the IETF tracker indicates is
in the RFC queue.

For XSL, I can look to see what the are doing in terms of registring
their own type.

For audio formats, there has been increased activity in the last year to
register them.

For registering a whole font top level type, that's a lot of work. There
was an earlier attempt but it seems to have stalled.

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