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TR> On 1/8/06 10:30 AM, Jon Ferraiolo wrote:
>> ------------
>> Section 11.13 defines color values for SVG.  With a small exception, 
>> this seems to duplicate the CSS2 definition of color values.  Please 
>> strike the majority of this section, instead refering to CSS2 for the 
>> definition (as in 11.2) and mentioning any modifications for SVG. 
>> ------------
>> The current draft of SVG-t 1.2 has removed all references to CSS2 (or
>> CSS2.1 or CSS3) in the definition of the <color> datatype and instead
>> all definitions are fully specified within the SVG spec.

TR> Has mention of CSS color been removed from both 11.2 and 11.13?

Yes. This self-contained nature was requested by other commentors.

TR> I'd prefer that the specification did refer to CSS for color, as 
TR> implementations that support multiple namespaces are likely to reuse 
TR> their color parsing code.

They might, with care; but previous discussions seemed to indicate that differences (CSS allows comments and @-rules in various places; SVG standardized the "xll" colors that Web browsers have been understanding since 1998 while CSS 2.1 adds only "orange"; CSS 3 color adds hls and rgba) meant that in practice, though some subroutines could doubtless be shared, parsing would be different for SVG presentation attributes and CSS style sheets (including style attributes) that use color values.

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