RE: SVG12: SVGGlobal::document vs AbstractView

Thanks, Boris.

Does anyone know if *anyone* actually takes advantage of DOM2 Views in a
way that provides real value to users or developers? It is smelling like
a feature which had good intentions but was put into recommendation
status prematurely.


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Jon Ferraiolo wrote:
> Looking at the latest member-only draft, the SVG Tiny spec normatively
> references DOM Level 3 Events but identifies the subset of DOM Level 3
> Events that are supported in SVG Tiny. The subset used by the uDOM
> not include the 'view' attribute on the Event interface.

Ah, ok. That works.  ;)

> Incidentally, does Mozilla support DOM2 Views? If so, how does an
> alternate view manifest itself in Mozilla?

Mozilla does support DOM2 Views, but there are no real alternate views. 
  That is, at the moment the only view around is the defaultView of the 
document, which coincides with the Window object.

There has been discussion in the past about having printing and print 
preview be a alternate views, but that's not how they're implemented 
currently, and it's not clear whether they ever will be implemented that



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