Re: SVG12: A.7.3 example has many many errors

* Andrew Shellshear wrote:
>>appendix A.7.3 has an example with many errors, clickEvent should be
>>click, application/ecma should be application/ecmascript, id attributes
>>should be xml:id attributes, the ev:* attributes on the listener element
>>must be in no namespace, text/ecmascript should be application/
>>ecmascript, the ev:observer attribute value is r1 but should be #r1, in
>>the description s/becouse/because/, and there are likely more errors.
>>Please find and fix them all.

>The example is fixed now.

Could you quote the example as it is now?

>The observer isn't the one with the #, by the way, it's handler:
><ev:listener observer="r1" event="click" handler="#handler"/>

In the draft I've reviewed it's

  observer = "<iri> 
  target   = "<iri> 
  handler  = "<iri> 

There are missing quote marks, by the way. 
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