Re: SVGT 1.2: <image> does not support SVG

Quoting Chris Lilley <>:
>>> It would probably not be hard to support svg as an image type but we
>>> prefer to use <image> only for still raster images and use <animation>
>>> for animated vector graphics sine this is in line with SMIL and makes a
>>> nice and clean separation between the two media types.
> AvK> I'd like to know if this would also apply to <html:img>, 
> 'background-image',
> AvK> 'list-style-image', 'content', etc. besides <svg:image>.
> Thats an extrapolation on the word 'image'. Instead, look at the 
> actual elements.

For that element and the mentioned CSS properties I would image some kind
conversion being in place. Perhaps allowing animation and some scripting to
achieve that but no interaction events and all that.

> AvK>  Makes no sense whatsoever.
> In fact it does; take a look at what the animation element does (in 
> smil and in svg) and compare that to what the image element does (in 
> svg tiny). Its unfortunate that SVG 1.1Full allowed SVG on the image 
> element, but thats something we have since corrected.

It completely contradicts with the fact that SVG has an image/svg+xml media
type. It's fine that the <svg:animation> element has more options and 
all that,
but that should not limit the amount of options for <svg:image>.

> AvK> I agree that for these type of "images" certain features of SVG
> AvK> would have to be limited or even disabled but just forbidding SVG seems
> AvK> weird/wrong.
> 'certain features'?

I'm still awaiting for some WG to define that. At the very least it is needed
for CSS properties like 'background-image'. Probably also for 
<html:img> and it
could be used for <svg:image> as well. Someone just has to come up with a
definition on what should be ignored when such a property/element points to an
SVG resource. Interaction events would be one.

It's also one of the things a lot of people want from SVG. Being able 
to simply
use it as decorative background images.

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Friday, 17 March 2006 19:59:27 UTC