Re: SVG12: A.7.15 id attribute

* Robin Berjon wrote:
>In the meantime we reached agreement on a lesser evil that, while it  
>is perhaps not perfect, is in my opinion satisfactory as a transition  
>approach. It is perhaps best expressed using the RelaxNG to which it  
>     <choice>
>       <group>
>         <attribute name='xml:id'>
>           <ref name='ID.datatype'/>
>         </attribute>
>         <optional>
>           <attribute name='id'>
>             <ref name='NCName'/>
>           </attribute>
>         </optional>
>       </group>
>       <optional>
>         <attribute name='id'>
>           <ref name='ID.datatype'/>
>         </attribute>
>       </optional>
>     </choice>
>Basically, at the formal validation level (and keeping in mind that  
>there is no DTD in SVG Tiny 1.2) whenever there is an xml:id  
>attribute, the id attribute is not of type ID. Otherwise, it is.
>This has minor issues, but ones that I think we can (and should) live  
>with. It does not cause xml:id errors. It doesn't break existing  
>content since SVG viewers recognise the id attribute anyway.
>What do you think?

I might be willing to accept this if there are appropriate tests for
this in the test suite along with a CR exit criterion that all the
implementations cited in the implementation report pass those tests.
I'd rather wait for the XML Core Working Group's final decision on
this matter though.

>"when both 'id' and 'xml:id' are specified on the same element but  
>with different values, the SVGElement::id field must return either of  
>the values but should give precedence to the 'xml:id' attribute."

This part seems acceptable, thanks.
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