Re: SVG12: !important in property animation

* Chris Lilley wrote:
>>>I think this has already been made clear. In section 
>>><>  of
>>>the SMIL specification, it states what can be used for animation values:
>>>"The animation values specified in the animation element must be legal
>>>values for the specified attribute."
>BH> I don't see where <set attributeName="fill" to="red!important" ... />
>BH> refers to an attribute, as you point out, per the attributeType
>BH> definition this would animate a CSS property;
>It is clear - the property is animated, and the from and to values are
>those that would be legal attribute values
>BH>  it is not clear to me
>BH> that the above would cover this case. As I pointed out, two of three
>BH> tested implementations allow this, so if this is not allowed, it's
>BH> not clear enough for Adobe and W3C implementers. So this does not
>BH> address my concern.
>!important, @rules, CSS comments, and suchlike are not allowed in
>attribute values, as the EBNF for those values makes very clear.

As I said in the original comment, it's clear for attributeType="XML",
it's not clear for attributeType="CSS". Another simple case where this
is different is "scientific notation", it would be allowed when the
target is an XML attribute, but not when the target is a CSS property,
since a value like "1e3" is not a legal property value even though it
would be a legal attribute value. Whether comments and such are allowed
in the presentation attributes isn't clear from the draft, as has been
discussed many times on this list.
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