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Perfect.  I am satisfied. Thanks.


On Mar 6, 2006, at 2:05 AM, Chris Lilley wrote:

> Hello www-svg,
> Eric Seidel <> wrote:
>> I noticed this evening, that given the current wording of the spec,
>> this could produce different behavior in different user agents
>> depending on what CSS properties the user agent supported.
> Yes. A case in point would be a compound document by inclusion (CDI)
> implementation, where width and height are CSS properties and also  
> they
> are SVG attributes. As you note, the case for auto would give  
> different
> behaviour for a CDI implementation compared to a strictly SVG one.  
> Both
> can be animated, in this case, by explicitly specifying either css or
> xml as values of attributeType.
>> The working group might consider disambiguating this section of the
>> spec by specifying if all CSS properties that the user agent supports
>> are to be considered in this calculation or only CSS properties
>> defined by the SVG spec.
> We agree and have disambiguated the text as follows:
>   The implementation must first search through its list of  
> supported CSS
>   properties for a matching property name (all properties supported by
>   the implementation, not just those defined by SVG), and if none is
>   found, search the default XML namespace for the element.
> Please let us know shortly if this does not satisfy your comment.
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