RE: SVG12: Confusing SVGLoad bubbling behavior note

> From: Bjoern Hoehrmann [] 

> Well, I asked for the statement to be replaced, not that more 
> text be added to it, so I'm afraid this does not address my concern.

OK.  The following paragraph:

	A SVGLoad event must be dispatched only to the element to which
the event applies; it must not be dispatched to its ancestors. For
example, if an 'image' element and its parent 'g' element both have
event listeners for SVGLoad events, when the 'image' element has been
loaded, only its event listener will be invoked. (The 'g' element's
event listener will indeed get invoked, but the invocation will happen
when the 'g' itself has been loaded.)

Will be replaced with the following note:

	The load event does not bubble.

Please let us know, within 2 weeks, if this does not address your

Scott Hayman
On behalf of the SVG WG
Scott Hayman

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