> Hi,
> I have an assignment to do I pay you $100 if you know how to resolve this

Sure, I can help you!
> SVG in XML
> Write Program to create XML ( or VB Express)
> 1. Make an arrow shape

Read the Paths chapter in the SVG spec: to learn how to draw paths in
SVG.  I think a simple triangle will suffice for the 'arrow'.

> 2. Change size/ colour/ conformation

Read the Paint chapter in the SVG spec: to learn how to change the
colour.  Read the Transformation section in the SVG spec: to modify the shape's size.

> 3. Define path to move

Read the Animation section: to
learn how to animate an object along a motion path.

> 4. Display background picture

Read about the SVG:image element at

> 5. Copy arrow to multiple arrows
> determine their time/ location
> based on first with offset

Not sure I follow this exactly, if you give me your professor's email
address, I can ask him to clarify this for us.

> 6. Plus text explanation

Almost all you could ever want to know about SVG:text is covered at

> Note: SVG can react to user click
> Change another part of XML

Read about scripting at

I hope this has helped you.  How do you want to send the $100 to me?


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