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this sounds remarkably like a request for a "border" property which  
was made some years ago...

HTML provides a border property which has proved helpful for  
accessibility, for instance to highlight a link on hover.


Jonathan Chetwynd

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First of all, very excited about SVG and very positive about all the  
great (very clever) people contributing to the Firefox support  
particularly since the announcement of the withdrawal of the Adobe  
plug-in. It seems especially relevant that Internet Explorer doesn’t  
appear to offer any sign of taking on board SVG natively.

We’re doing various bits with SVG but really just using the existing  
tools. I wondered whether anyone has already worked on a function  
which would create a shape offset by a set distance from an initial  
polygon. The particular example I have in mind is the intention of  
creating a ‘buffer’ around a line – in the real world this might be  
to illustrate all items with in 1 kilometre of the outline of an  
industrial estate.

I couldn’t see anything immediately obvious in the info pages (sorry  
if I’ve missed an ‘offset’ command) and whilst I think I can  
mathematically generate the line to include semi round lines around  
corners, I’m sure that a built in command will be far more efficient  
and elegant in its design.

Any feedback would be greatly received…

Kind Regards


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